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Events & Groups

Events & Groups - Solifemar
Restaurant Soli specialises in event celebrations: birthdays, anniversaries and theme parties such as Carnival, Halloween, Feria de Abril and Verbena de San Juan. All year round we come up with the best events so that our clients and guests can have a pleasant, memorable time, in good company and with good service.
Come and celebrate with us on the seafront promenade in Castelldefels! Enjoy every celebration!

The Cocktail Bar

Events & Groups - Solifemar
The Soli cocktail bar offers a cosy atmosphere, ideal for an intimate evening or an evening in the company of family and friends. You can enjoy the most original cocktails, good music and exquisite service at our renowned Karaoke. Choose your favourite song and sing along with friends for a moment to remember. Enjoy the wide repertoire of songs in Spanish and several other languages at Karaoke Soli.

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